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Orthodontics Wimbledon & South London

We provide adult orthodontics for patients throughout London and Wimbledon.

Some adults feel that they are too old to visit an orthodontist and undergo orthodontic treatment. This is not however the case, orthodontic treatment can be successfully undertaken at any age. Some patients have started treatment in their 60 and 70's with great success.

Adult Treatment - Before Adult Treatment - After

Many patients need to visit an orthodontist to improve the position of their teeth due to periodontal disease and the misaligned teeth can be realigned before being stabilised.

Clear Braces

Most adults would like invisible or clear braces. These come in various forms.

Invisible Braces

Some clear braces are placed on the front of the teeth with colourless attachments and tooth coloured wires. American Ortho polycrystalline brackets are selected.

Clipon Braces

Some invisible braces are placed with the attachments on the inside of the teeth. GAC Innovation MTM/L brackets are selected with ultra low profile for patient comfort.

Clear Braces

Some use materials which are made of see through plastic which fit over the upper or lower teeth or both. Orthocaps aligners are selected.

The practice thus uses a range of "State of the Art" appliances selected to suit the needs of the patient. All is discussed in detail at the consultation stage and each proposed programme is detailed for the individual.

To arrange a Consultation for adult orthodontics contact the South London, Wimbledon based Practice using the information on the contact page