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Clear Braces and Adult Orthodontics in South London

If your teeth affect your confidence then you may have considered investing in braces. However, we at SP Orthodontics Ltd understand that you may want a subtler look as an adult, which is why we provide clear braces for our clients.

Operating within Wimbledon and throughout South London, we have met with many different patients over the years that have seen the success of receiving braces in adulthood.

How Do Clear Braces Work?

Invisible Braces

As with normal braces, the clear option is attached to each tooth but the colourless attachment and tooth coloured wires make them appear far more natural.

Clipon Braces

Although they have different properties to traditional braces, clear braces gain results in the same way, by using wires and controlled force to gradually align the teeth into the right position.

Clear Braces

In regards to invisible braces, these are actually attached to the inside of the tooth so with specific brackets selected to ensure they are as comfortable as possible for the patient.

Why Choose Clear Braces?

These are just some of the reasons why clear braces may the ideal solution for you:

  • Offer a discreetness that traditional braces don’t
  • Generate the same results as alternatives
  • Relatively low maintenance
  • Come in different forms
  • Placed for maximum comfort

If you think that braces are the right solution for you then see what we at SP Orthodontics Ltd can provide for you. With a whole range of options available, call us on 020 8946 3064 to arrange an appointment at our Wimbledon based office to discuss what treatment would be best for you.