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Children's Orthodontic Treatment

A Child Before and After Treatment

Orthodontics studies genetic variations and the growth and development of the dentition and face and the way the dental occlusion is affected by these.

It assesses the effects on the functions of swallowing, speech and facial expression and modifies all of these factors to enhance dental and facial appearance.

This often involves recognising normality, which during the growth period, sometimes presents as if it were a problem.

As a child grows, if these problems are developing, then orthodontic advice should be sought in a child's seventh chronological year. Older children or adults, who become aware of such problems later, should of course, seek advice at the time they are first noticed.


Facial appearance Before and After Treatment

An orthodontist changes not only dental appearance but also facial appearance.

Orthodontics thus has benefits for dental health and also for psycho-social well being the so called "feel good factor" which benefits the whole person.

The Practice uses a range of "State of the Art" appliances selected to suit the needs of the patient. All is discussed in detail at the consultation stage and each proposed programme is detailed for the individual.

It may involve wearing braces. These can be of many varieties, Conventional braces include: GAC straight wire brackets, DAMON brackets, T.P. Tipp Edge brackets. Invisible braces include: American Ortho Polycrystalline aesthetic brackets, GAC Innovation MTM/L lingual brackets-used inside the teeth, with ultra low profile for maximum comfort, “Orthocaps” aligners. Each system has operational characteristics and is selected to suit the presenting requirements of the individual patient. Treatment may also involve removing teeth at the appropriate time.

This starts the process leading to enhancement of both dental function and dental and facial appearance.

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