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Additional Services

Teeth Whitening

Our face and smile are our window on the world. Stained discoloured teeth detract from this and our overall appearance. They need not do so, there are a range of whitening techniques available, which can transform dental appearance, producing a progressive lightening of tooth colour to return confidence to our smiles and ourselves.

Teeth Whitening

This is often carried out after seeing an orthodontist or just as a procedure in itself.

Start your own improvement, contact the practice and speak with our practice manager or receptionist.

Snoring & Sleep Apnoea

Snoring has become a major problem for many people over the last years. Once you have seen an Orthodontic consultant and simple snoring is established special devices fitted in the mouth can completely eliminate snoring.

Snoring can also be a part of a more serious condition called sleep apnoea. With this problem people often snore and also cease breathing during sleep. They are then awakened momentarily, breath and then fall asleep again, only to find themselves tired during the day, really due to lack of sleep.

Snoring & Sleep

This problem needs the care of a group of Specialists including a Respiratory Physician ENT surgeon and sometimes an Orthodontist and Maxillo-Facial Surgeon.

All this is best conducted in conjunction with the multidisciplinary team with which the Practice works.

If you would like to discuss these problems we will be delighted to assist and set the road to elimination of snoring and sleep apnoea in motion.

Facial Surgery

For many people the facial bones as well as the teeth have not grown into the most harmonious positions.

To correct these problems and provide the most enhanced facial and dental appearance the teeth need to be adjusted and the bones of the face realigned surgically with the input of a Consultant Maxillo-Facial Surgeon.

This practice is very experienced in such work and has associate Consultant Colleagues in Maxillo-Facial Surgery.

Patients who would find both dental and significant facial appearance enhancement an attractive proposition will be welcome to seek initial advice and meet the combined team for any subsequent treatment.

Facial Surgery Facial Surgery Facial Surgery

To arrange a Consultation contact the Practice using the information on the contact page.